How to Grow Marijuana for Maximal Produce

Cannabis also known as marijuana is a popular plant grown for leaves that are used for numerous functions. Cannabis is taken for recreational as well as medicinal purposes and the thin difference there is between these functions is the mode of action of the drug in each case. The intake of cannabis often targets the higher functions of the nervous system, one example is how it activated the right frontal lobe of the brain to bring about its giggling effect. The medicinal functions of cannabis also depend on which treatment is being achieved, in treatment of glaucoma cannabis sativa reduces the intraocular pressure to get rid of the swollen eyes. Growing marijuana requires that specific steps be followed if the produce gas to be abundant and quality.

The first step towards growing marijuana is proper selection of seeds, marijuana feminized seeds should be used and not the male seeds. If you never knew, marijuana bushes are either male or female, the female ones are preferred as they have much more quality buds than the male bushes. Using all female seeds is further encouraged as a weed garden that has both male and female plants has a lower produce. The reason where mixing the male and female plants reduces produce is because the male plant starts producing pollen grains that fertilize the flowers of the females leading to seed production instead of leave production.

Cannabis like any other plant needs to be grown on fertile soil to increase its produce and maintain good health. Quality soil in this case implies that the soil should have all required nutrients in correct amounts, a deficiency of nitrates would lead to reduced size of leaves for instance so it should be maintained. All plants require light, for marijuana plants to survive they also need to access light in plenty. Photosynthesis is a process that does not occur in absence of light, a plant that does not carry out this process is as good as dead.
Photosynthesis is of so much importance as it is the process that gives plants uniqueness of synthesizing glucose, if this process fails, the plant cannot reach maturity as glucose is necessary for growth of plants.

Marijuana thrives at its optimal temperatures of about 18-26?C during the day and 20-24?C during the night. Growing marijuana is possible under cooler or hotter conditions bout it is done indoors and the temperature is regulated with the help of automated air conditioners and heaters depending on the deviation of the temperatures. Still and dump air is conducive for mold formation, proper ventilation is maintained to ensure this does not occur on the leaves of the plant as is a risk to human health. Correct humidity levels are very important to the plant at different stages, it should be reduced greatly during flowering to prevent molding.

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